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    Foreclosure Prevention Team

    Have you wondered how to force your lender to listen to your demands?
    Are you stuck because your lender is giving you the runaround?
    Have you been asked to send in the same documents over and over?

    We totally understand! It’s not your fault. You’ve probably hear a million opinions and got some conflicting advice and are more confused that ever.

    That’s OK. This is what we do. Help is on the way.

    We Have the Best System for Stopping Foreclosure in the World

    We can’t take credit for the system. Our team consulted everybody who was a success at bringing lenders to their knees, we read everything available on the subject, and then we added our own personal experiences to develop this system.

    Our team has worked over 6 years, with over 1,500 homeowners developing this system. It is truly the best of the best. It is simple and fast.

    Imagine getting the bank to…

    • to accept your terms.
    • to lower your principal balance.
    • to slash your interest rate.
    • to stop the foreclosure.


    Time is of the essence when you are facing foreclosure.

    There is a limited window of time when you can file for mediation under the Washington Foreclosure Fairness Act. Every day counts. Call us today so that you can learn how to take advantage of foreclosure mediation before time runs out. Mediation can save your home. It can get your short sale approved. It can change your life for the better!