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    I’m so hungry!

    I’m so hungry I could eat a cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so true at this very second. So I figured to think about my top 10 favorite Tacoma restaurants.

    1. DOA, good for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    2. Joy Teriyaki, can’t go wrong with the teriyaki chicken and egg roll for lunch or dinner.

    3. Stanley and Seaforts, best happy hour this side of the Mississippi.

    4. Trappers, when Safeway sushi just won’t do it for you.

    5. 1111, mmmmm beer and sammies.

    6. MSM, you can never go wrong with a sandwich at any time of the day.

    7. Southern Kitchen, when you’re channeling your inner south.

    8. Asado, for a great patio view and delicious dinner.

    9. Marcia’s Silverspoons, for those hungover mornings.

    10. Rosewood cafe, lunch dinner and wine time.

    The only problem now is, where should I go for dinner?

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